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A welcome way to do business

A welcome way to do business

Croeso Consulting can help you to build and shape your ideas, from business start-up through to accessing grants, finance, recruiting, training and development of your staff, team or workforce and developing your start-up sales and marketing plans.

Croeso Consulting is a firm that has a multitude of contacts throughout the broad spectrum of services that are of use to the tourism industry. We can provide a wide range of business support information - for example on starting-up, financing through to running, training and developing a business in Wales.

Specialist advice for the Hospitality & Leisue industry.


We are located at:

24 Heol Ysgawen

Sketty Swansea


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+44 01792 208244 +44 01792 208244



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Specialist advice for the Hospitality & Leisue industry